Why can't you enjoy a creators content without having to like that creator?

For example, I love Harry Potter because I grew up with it but I really dislike the way Rowling behaves and her habit of demonizing everyone who doesn't agree with her opinions. An example of the kind of person I'm referring to is when my friend couldn't watch Baby Driver because he couldn't stand seeing Kevin Spacey even as a character, while I didn't care about that.


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  • You can. Clearly you do. But some people struggle to separate the creator from the work. Like your friend, I'm struggling to watch Kevin Spacey these days. And Louis CK. And Aziz Ansari. But on the other hand, I don't really care for Jennifer Lawrence as a person, but I don't mind watching her stuff. I think it just depends. The illusion of the work, the acting, the book, whatever it is- just isn't strong enough to make some people forget who they are.

  • We cannot just divorce ourselves from our actions when we feel it is convenient to do so. I can't for example keep watching and cheering for a professional football player who fights dogs in his spare time because I personally love dogs and to just say, well let me just focus on his sports and ignore that aspect, is doing a disservice to those dogs and doesn't gel with the person I am or my belief system.

    You're welcome not to care and to like whatever you like, but my choice is that I choose not to support people on a financial level who do these types of things. Just because they have a celebrity status, doesn't make them different then if it were your own family member or friend and you found out they were doing whatever negative, illegal, or bad thing. Do you just pretend like, it doesn't matter because they are your friend? Up to you and what you believe in.


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