Whats your opinion on Lord of the Rings films?


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  • I feel like it touches on the fragility of mankind's morality when we are presented with something revolutionary. In this case the ring. I love it because it illustrates so eloquently greed and selfishness, and what it can do to members of society that are perceived as "good". It proves that anyone can fall victim to the atrocities of our flesh and can commiserate with others around them, equally pulling them down into darkness and misguidance.

    • But it also illustrates how the light can push through the darkness and create something bigger than even our flaws and destruction. We must hang onto the resolution of the story and not the conflict. If that makes sense.

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  • A damn good adaptation of one of the best book series ever made… shame they fucked us over with the hobbit.

    • Couldn't agree more
      Altho I do still like the Hobbit but still no where near the same standard as LOTRs

    • I grew up on the books, sitting around the campfire while I dad was reading them before I could even read myself. (Way before the movies came out) the hobbit was an amazing book. The movie was a big “fuck you”

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