Top ten Office (us) characters?

I have loved it since it was first shown and I find it to be one of the most re-watchable shows that still makes me laugh with every viewing.. here's my top ten characters

1) Andy Bernard - personal favourite mix of Michaels cringe and neediness and Dwights weirdness.
2) Dwight K Schrute/Michael Scott I can't put one over the other.. both the standouts on the show
3) Jim - Pranks, Faces pulled to camera, Sarcasm...
4) Darryl - coolest cat in the office always playing with Andy similar to how Jim played with Dwight
5) Erin - Adorable, funny and was a great addition
6) Ryan - Not so much early temp Ryan but more douche/hipster Ryan
7) Robert California - could have been higher if been around longer.
8) creed - Random
9) Nate the warehouse guy - could have been a great new addition early on.
10) Toby - some of his reactions made me laugh out loud at times.

Who would be your picks? and why..


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