Should I still feel bad?

My friend was sexually assaulted by a former friend of mine about two years ago, and since I'm the one who introduced them I feel guilty for that. My friend has ensured me that I shouldn't feel bad since I didn't know what kind of person he was (but I still feel like I should've known since I had been friends with him for four years at that point) and I was one of the witnesses during the investigation, but I still feel like it was my fault, especially considering that his life has been going downhill ever since then as he went into a psychosis which even now that it's gone has messed up his entire education.


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  • Clearly it wasn't your fault. So stop blaming yourself for it and regretting it. When u meet a person, u don't know his true colors until he does these kinda hideous acts. U don't know if he is gonna hurt anyone or not. Just be with your friend and support him morally. Hope everything turns out well


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