Why do the general people like only ONE genre of music?

I love old school music. I mean music from the 70s and 80s. Anytime I tell someone “I don’t really listen to rap”, they get super defensive and treat me like a foreign species. The problem is, I don’t dislike rap as a genre, I dislike it because of how over hyped it is. Every one of my friends only listen to rap and only rap. The first thing they put on when they can pick the music is RAP! I ask them who their favorite artists is, they list rappers. I’m not saying they shouldn’t like rap, I just don’t understand how people can only listen to ONE genre their entire lives. It’s like eating the same dish of food everyday of your life with little to few exceptions. There’s a whole world of delicious and exotic foods out there, and the same applies to music. Maybe someone can explain to me why its like this?


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  • My observation is that this happens far more with people who listen to metal and generally rock. A lot of metalheads and rock lovers can be quite close-minded to other (especially more contemporary) genres of music.
    I haven't noticed it that much in hip hop fans, to be honest, although I'm sure it happens there too.

    • Everywhere I’ve lived, it’s hip-hop. There are few people here and there who are open minded though.

    • Interesting that we've made exact opposite observations. Must because of where we live.

    • Most likely.

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  • Honestly, I haven't noticed that. But I have been around musical people my whole life, and they have a different opinion on genres of music than others. Being a musician opens up your mind for more music. The only music I don't listen to is K-POP (can't stand the voices, sorry) and country (some people love the twang, I can't stand it)

    • The only genre of music I don’t like is electronic, and Spanish music.

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  • Lol I love things from classical music to reggae, to psychedelic rock. Next minute I will be playing some heavy metal, then 80s, showtunes, post rock, dubstep, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra. Lol. The only music I absolutely despise is modern pop. Blech. And modern rap. I listen to rap in extremely small doses. And I only like about three country songs ever. But I love exploring new music and my tastes are known to be very eclectic.


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  • Well, like you like a particular rype of music. Everyone has their collection of genres they like or hate.


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