When attending a concert, is it appropriate to wear another bands t shirt?

Most of the bands I see, I don' have their shirt, so I wear my AC/DC shirt.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • No, that's rude. Just wear a regular shirt. It's like going to a soccer match wearing a shirt who's from another teams playing. If you were in France they would tell you "Hey, You're not in the good concert", they would think you're there trying to be cool and not knowing anything about the band who sing or that you got lost and end up in the wrong concert. Lots of people would make fun of you.

    • I'll never try that in France then.
      I see why that would be upsetting. Here no one cares.
      Soccer matches I agree. I hate Mexican fans, because every game they go to they wave THEIR flags and wave THEIR colors, even though Mexico isn't playing. They don't dare try that shit in Europe or Latin America, because they would get their asses beat.

    • American is a bit special sometime. Here in France we dress up just to get to a concert and people like to see what other people wear.
      The worst would be if they did this in Italy, they would get beaten XD

Most Helpful Guy

  • You can wear anything unless, some drunk guy finds is offensive


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