Do you like/love or dislike/hate this artwork of Avatar: The Last Airbender?

So surfing through the internet the other day, I found this artwork of Avatar: The Last Airbender, in which I couldn't decide whether I liked it or hated it...

On one hand, the artwork is very detailed and gorgeous, and the maker obviously has some skills. The skin looks nice and smooth... the hair looks smooth, but you can tell it's a bit more coarse, since it's hair. The clothes fabric also looks very realistic. Not to mention, this is great for Zutara lovers, and really captures the love and kiss really well.

But something about this artwork just bothers me... and that's Katara's legs. I mean why the hell is her thing so short, and why are her legs bare? If I remember correctly, Katara in the show never even showed any leg, except for the few times the main characters were playing in the river. Plus, she's from the Southern Water Tribe, which is cold as fuck. Also, it's not just her legs... it's so short you can even tell she has on no underwear. Also, one more thing about her legs... she's only fucking 14!

Those are some really nice hand-drawn cartoon legs, I'll give the artist that... I almost can't stop staring at them... they just look so fucking smooth... but knowing that the character is only 14 totally ruins it. If it was of an actual adult hot female character, then oh yeah... but not 14 years old.

But overall, taking the artist's talent into consideration, that's just at most a nitpick... so I'll say I love it!
Do you like/love or dislike/hate this artwork of Avatar: The Last Airbender?
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Most Helpful Girl

    First maybe credit the original artist?

    Second they're this is the future I assume. That's a common thing in fan media, skip a few years past canon.

    • Anyways tbh Zutara was the ship that made the most sense. They had all the narrative parallels and that good arc and shit. But nah it's Aang. I mean cool, whatever, I'm not annoyed by it after all these years I'm fine.

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    • Hm, never thought of that but that's an interesting idea.

      And I have nothing against Aang and Katara being the canon ship either but it wasn't as interesting to me xP

    • I agree... I'm the one who proposed Aang/Ty Lee so I'm biased, but I agree that it's interesting, regardless, lol.

      And same here as well. As far as Aang and Katara went, to me it was just simply Aang being attracted to the first girl he ever saw, and having a crush on her due to her being so sweet to him... but nothing more. Zuko seemed more on her level.

Most Helpful Guy

  • I only don't like it because it's an insult to Aang.

    But I loved Zuko, he was my favorite character in the show.

    • True that, lol.

      I know this sounds weird, but I've always liked the idea of Aang and Ty Lee together, just in case Katara ended up with Zuko... though the characters have never interacted, they both have such bubbly personalities, both are sort of silly/idiotic but in a charming way, and they're both good people who do the right thing... like when Ty Lee protected Mai from Azula, and when Aang took Ozai's fire bending powers instead of killing him.

      And though the saying "opposites attract" exists, I've taken psychology in school before, and it's actually false... people are more attracted towards people who have more in common with them. Not exactly the same, of course... but fairly similar.

    • Birds of a feather stick together. And while I did think Zuko and Katara would work better together, they hadn't been established like her and Aang had been.

      If anything the girl with a sniffing creature should have been Zukos girlfriend. Or maybe go back to the girl who helped him and his uncle on their way travelling.

    • Yes, indeed.

      I personally don't remember any connection to Zuko and the girl with the sniffing creature... mind to explain a bit? And the other girl is the one who burned her leg, right? I agree... she seemed interested in Zuko, and Zuko did too, but he resisted. He also felt lots of empathy towards her.

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What Girls Said 2

  • I’m p sure her dress isn’t canon so that means pic is likely post series at which point she’s more likely to be an adult if that makes you feel better

    • It does make me feel a lot better, actually. Thanks :D

      No wonder both Zuko and especially Katara (due to dem legs) look so much older than they were in the actual show... it's because they ARE. They're both like 18-21 in this. That's a relief!

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    • No worries. You know how ship art is XD

    • Yep, it can be a little strange at times, lol.

  • I didn't like it

    • It seems a bit pervy, but other than that I like it.

What Guys Said 2

  • Katara is fucking hot

    • Considering she's only 14 in the actual show, I sort of feel guilty... but I totally agree! Dem legs... just look at dem legs... they're so damn smooth and shiny! But on here she looks like an adult who's 18-21 anyways, so it's fine.

  • It's okay

    • I'd personally say that the art itself is phenomenal, but my only nitpick is that it seems a bit pervy... but both Zuko and Katara are adults in this picture anyways, so it's fine.

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    • If that was an attempt to make things less awkward it only failed... but until someone does something that's really that bad (kill someone, etc), I love every human being by default! I love everyone until they give me a reason for me to hate them. It's sort of like being innocent until proven guilty.

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