Any artists on here willing to help with a tattoo design?

If this doesn't remotely interest you or you're not an artist, please don't comment.

To cut a long story short, I've had a tattoo design in mind for about 5 years now (at least) but I suck at art. So despite my best efforts to draw the design out myself, it always looks pretty awful.

Im getting the tattoo done this summer and I will have a consultation beforehand where they will obviously draw the design... but as I've never seen a decent version of my design before, I dont want to get to that stage and realise that I actually don't like it.

I can't offer anything other than gratitude for your work (see below for the exception) so I completely understand if nobody at all is interested in doing this. While the drawing would of course be yours, id ask you wait a few months before publishing it anywhere, just until I've gotten the tattoo.

Comment below or better yet, send me a message if this is something you'd be interested in. If I end up using your design for my tattoo (assuming it is complete with colour), i'll give you my $20 Amazon gift card when I reach my next 7000 point mark. But I'm a stranger on the internet so there's no reason to assume my word has any value.


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  • What does your design entitle? Is it fine detail? Cartoon style? Realistic/portrait? Lettering? Any manga or animated styles? Abstract or surrealism?
    I dabble in art, i'm good at some things, but not others. Can you provide further info. about your design, and what you're hoping for? I'll let you know if i can assit you with my art skills and help create the design

    • I guess its sort of a combination between animation and not. Are you able to message me and i'll tell you the details? I really appreciate any and all help :)

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  • lol. asking random people for info? ok. mr. "forum owner".


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