Any good song recommendations?

because I'm out of good songs and I want to know what music u guys listen to.. my favorite song for now is called T mass habit remix. If u can find any songs that are similar to the song I just said. I would appreciate it. Like remixes, I like songs with a lot of vocal chops too. Electronic , etc. Especially songs with a good beat and is catchy. Anything will do.


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  • Ugh... Oh well... Let's see if I got some trashy music on my spotify list (I probabaly do...) We no Dancehall - LBSB (Probabaly the best I can give you?) Or we got somereally bad ones like Mi Gente Steve Aoki Remix - J balvin, Bill Durry - Combo! OR Party till we Die - MAKJ, Timmy Trumpey, Andrew W. K. I mostly liked bass music at the time of adding those song so they're recommended for actual good headphobes or Speakers which is at least a 2.1 system and not a mear 2.0 system. No iphone earbuds aren't good.
    Or some good music like Radio Ga Ga - Queen, Danza Kuduro - Lucenzo, Don Omar (Oh the old days...) The House of the rising sun - The Animals


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  • It's not at all electronic, but it's got a great beat and is as catchy as hell. Ready for a blast from the past? "O Cecilia" by Simon and Garfunkel.


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