Have you been to the cinema by yourself?

I go by myself more often than with other people


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  • Yeah.
    I have a cool little local cinema I go to by myself.

    Getting people to go to the cinema on an agreed upon day way like herding cats.


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  • Yep I do, sometimes it feels good to do some things alone , especially a good movie

  • I wish! My mum would kill me!!

    • Why would she kill you for going to the cinema by yourself?

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    • That sounds like she's way too controlling, I'm 5ft 7 and 24 but look 16 yet I'm still out when I want

    • Ahhh, but you are in the UK—it isn’t safe for a girl like me to be out on the streets on the east coast alone, tbh... that is the only thing I agree with my mum on, even if it drives me crazy...

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