Why techno music (not house) is always linked to drugs?

I am a techno lover and i enjoy listening to that music even when i am sober.
I hate the fact that techno lovers are considered "drug addicts" (see comments on youtube..).
Why is there such a strong link between techno music and drugs?


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  • Because you have to be pretty high to like that stuff, under most circumstances.

    It's like Phish, some people like them for their talent or style, but most like to get high and listen to hippy music.

    • So if i dont Need to be High to like that stuff, do i have a problem? ahah

  • I lisent to harder than techno like neelix ranji or hatikwa 😂😂 daily basis

  • Because it's music tied to a very large culture of raves and parties. While not everyone who listens to it takes drugs, if you go to events where electronic music is played there is going to be a large amount of people on drugs. Most of these people aren't "druggies" they're taking drugs in positive environments to have fun although there are some who take it too far. If you're basing your opinions of things from YouTube comments you need to fix that.

    At the end of the day just listen to music you Enjoy. As long as you aren't negatively affecting anyone you shouldn't delay your own happiness or pleasure because they don't agree with it.


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