Is there a song you that you like the cover version more than the original, despite the original being more popular?

So post a song that's a cover version of another song that you enjoy more than the original, but the original is more popular. So basically, a song that most people like the original more but you like the covered version more. Videos encouraged

Wow, you know i was expecting a lot of modern hip hop and pop, but so far it's been nothing but the classics. I'm not as disappointed as I thought I would be. Cool!


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  • So there isn’t a recording of the version I heard but it actually made me dislike the original song Butterfly Kisses. 8th grade talent show my principal and his daughter sang it and it was BEAUTIFUL! Made me and everyone else cry! First time I had ever heard the song. Loved their singing way better than the original.


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  • Maybe it was just since it was more in my wheelhouse, but I like Seether’s version of Careless Whisper more than George Michael’s version.

    I like the original of “Hey Hey What Can I Do?” by Led Zeppelin about as equal as the Hootie and the Blowfish cover


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  • Yes. Any song Nirvana covered. "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" done by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole. Etc.

  • there's a lot from many bands, but Metallica -- Am I Evil (originally of Diamond Head). though diamond head's version is pretty awesome too lol. I would put a vid here too but I don't have enough Xper points yet lol

    • Their cover of blitzkrieg is also well done, as well as turn the page
      Breadfan was done tastefully as was merciful fate. The covers that metallica have done are amazing.
      Other notable covers Johnny cash-hurt, disturbed-sound of silence

    • @theycallmeTatersalad all the songs you mentioned I think are awesome as well. I forgot about that Blitzkrieg cover though I have that on CD (Garage Inc) lol

    • I never put 2 and 2 together when I was younger about blitzkrieg being a cover. Went back and relistened to the whole s&m album recently, forgot how good orchestra went with thrash.

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