Did my grandma make this story up about a Pet Snake?

Ok so for years my dream pet has always been a snake but the mother won't ever let it happen (she HATES snakes). Even when I promise she'll never have to see it. so my grandma is on board as well as my aunt because they don't like snakes either and always try to discourage me from wanting one. Anyway one day at my grandmas while talking about snakes my grandma tells me she has a story she wants to share. She says...

I knew of a girl who had a pet snake (didn't mention the type or if it was big or small) and she took care of it at her home in an aquarium. One day she tries to feel her snake but it dosent touch its food, just kept watching her. The next day again the snake dosent touch its food and kept watching the girl. So the girl stops in briefly at the pet store the following day after work and asked why the snake wasn't eating. The pet store owners said "don't go home, stay here, we have to call animal control people, that snake is getting ready to eat you". Apparently the snake wasn't eating because it was waiting for its appetite to grow enough in order to eat the girl. So the control people came, took the snake away and said to the girl "it sure is a good thing you called us because that snake was getting ready to eat you".

So do you think that story is real or made up? I personally think it's made up because as long as it's not one of those huge 20ft exotic snakes from the jungle the girl should be way too big for it. And if so why would the girl have even told the pet store owners she had an exotic snake? That's all, do you think the story is real or made up?
Did my grandma make this story up about a Pet Snake?
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  • While it has happened, I’m sure she’s just trying to scare you

    • I agree. When you say it has happened, you mean it’s involved the 20+ foot snake from the jungle right?

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  • Pet snakes have killed and eaten kids, but that particular story sounds exaggerated


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