Your opinion on 13 Reasons Why Season 2?

Your opinion on 13 Reasons Why Season 2?So I know everyone has there own reasons about this series. I here found it incredibly well made. Due to the fact it’s based on a novel and, produced Slena Gomez. Once I saw the first series name on Netflix I knew I read this in high school. So my question to you is , what we’re feelings when you watched this series and your thoughts about the season coming out?


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  • Didn't even know there would be S2! thanks

    • I mean they said it was gonna be in March. But Netflix is concerned about the population of teens committing suicide has increased so there waiting on more news. Hopefully by the end of this month.

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    • It’s coming out next Friday!!!

    • Awesomeeeee

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  • I think from my opinion some TV series when the first season is good the second one will be bad,, and they will try to copy a lot of things from season one so,, we will see...


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  • I absolutely hate the series. It is glorifying teen suicide and making it seem like the best revenge ever. People who have struggled with the suicide of loved ones do not need the message that it is all their fault and they are the reason their loved one died. Like yeah the guy who raped her, sure, but the guy who just took her freaking letters out of her compliment jar and got mad at her in public? That’s just so messed up. Suicide is a chain reaction and there have been several already because of this series. Stop glorifying death, thanks media


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