Any WWE fans here Just wanted to ask you if you liked Wrestlemania?


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  • I watched Roman Reigns get his ass handed to him and Rhonda Rousey be boring although my brother thought she was hot so that’s something

    • I heard the reason the Undertaker and Cena match didn't last long cause Undertaker was not in proper shape only could wrestle less then 5 minutes

    • He’s in bad health so that makes sense

    • I was so pissed that the Rock wasn't there

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  • Nope, although the bookings were surprising but, the matches were boring

    • I would say I was a bit bored I did like the Daniel Bryan match I'm just glad he's back he was boring as a GM lol

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    • your right about that about the promo skills what do you think of ask a losing to Charlotte and her undefeated streak

    • If, you mean Asuka?
      Asuka lost a battle royale in nxt so, the streak never existed.
      If, WWE had made Asuka win, Carmella would have failed to cash in on Asuka.

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  • I liked it better when it was called WWF

  • I liked the majority of the show


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