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I have had neck problems for a while now and I have found that wearing a neck brace helps out a lot. I also suffer from chronic migraines and it helps with that too. One night I got my late wife to wear one to play a joke on her family. The reaction they had was priceless. After that night I found that wearing them for fun was highly entertaining. I never take handycapible parking spots or anything for handycapible people. One night my wife and I were going out and we took our braces with us and worn them out to eat. We were drinking a lot and the people that were eating there as well as the wait staff were really puzzled and the looks were pretty funny. I was drinking beer and she was drinking margaritas. After we were done eating and drinking we took the trolley to the movies. About a month later we got our married friends to wear them with us to. We got one of those wild west pics done wearing them and with out. It was a great time. So... Would you wear a neck brace for fun? Would you wear one if it helped you out with relieving pain? TIA for your reply's. Have a good one. Would you do this for fun?


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  • I just might. Great pic.

    Have you gotten your neck and head checked out?
    So many things could cause what your discribing but CCI is what I first thought when reading.

    • CCI? Yes I have had MRI'S , XRay's and Cat scans. The cat scratched the shit out of me. Every doc has said that they can't find anything. Wrong with my neck. They found white matter lesions in my brain. Its basically scar tissue. I know that some people can think they hurt and wind up in real pain. Psycosematic is what they call that I believe. I had an ATV accident that gave me 175 stitches in my face and a moderate concussion.

    • CCI = cranial cervical instability.
      Can be seen on an MRI but somtimes is only seen on an upright MRI.

      Neck pain along with chronic migraines suggest cranial/ cervical junction issue.

      You can contact the place you had your MRI, XRays and Cat scans done and request a copy of the disc and a copy of the written report...

      Sometimes Dr won't mention some things if they think it is unrelated.
      Sometimes Dr's don't even look at the images and just read the report.

      Seeing the images yourself helps a great deal. You can always get second options without needed to go through the test again.

    • The MRI I had was laying down.

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  • That pic is hilarious! The pic has eased my mind into doing it with others just for fun. If it comes up, why not?

  • Really strange


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