Hey animators! What's your preferred Fps when animating?

I prefer to use 24 Fps because it allows me to do what I want with movement.

What Fps do you prefer?


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  • 12 cause I'm lazy

    • You disgrace. Jk that's understandable. (I've been trying out toon boom before my free trial runs out)

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    • I've been trying to improve in my craft, what you saw is going to be a full minute long soon.

    • Ay cool, make sure to post the final version on here too then

  • I don't even know what fps means

    • Frames per second.
      Basically I draw 24 frames for 1 second of animation.

    • I know what the word fps means but I don't know what it changes if it's more or less. There are more pictures per minute but what is the norm, when does it looks cheap, what is common

    • Honestly any animation can look smooth with the right manipulation of art unless it's 5 Fps.
      Even 8 Fps can look smooth with the right technique. But most 3d animation is 30 to 60 Fps.

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