Do you believe Barbie Girl is a song for children or for adults?

It has many sexual innuendos, although it has been playing (and still does) in many children parties.

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Most Helpful Girls

  • It was aimed to be for children but it definitely had suggested themes. Tbh it was a great song lyrically in respect of how it was innocent yet provocative at the same time. It was an early game changer for children’s songs to be risqué e. g. Arianna Grande’s Side to Side song (don’t know the title as it’s not my type of song but I heard it in Manchester when she did the tribute concert after the attack).


Most Helpful Guys

  • It's about on par with the idea behind Macarena - definitely not suitable for children but is apparently a school disco classic.

  • ehh, who the hell cares about that, i love that song, because i used to listen to it a lot when i was a kid, lol


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