Do you watch Star Trek?

If you do, which series/movie is your favorite? And how do you feel about Discovery?

If you don’t, have you ever had an interest in watching it? Also, do you see Trekkies as really big nerds? I know there’s a stigma associated with people who love it, so I’m just interested to see how many people really believe in the stereotype 😊


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  • On the broadcast network "Heroes and Icons" they broadcast 5 hours of Star Trek Sunday through Friday, 8 PM ET through 1 AM ET:
    8: Star Trek
    9: Star Trek: The Next Generation
    10: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
    11: Star Trek: Voyager
    12: Star Trek: Enterprise

    I think on Sunday 7 PM they broadcast two episodes the animated Star Trek which were 30 minutes each.

    heroesandiconstv. com

    I watch religiously with my wife as I teach her Star Trek lore while she gets hours of massage as we watch.

    My favorite will always be Star Trek, but I fucking hate the remastered episodes and want originals.

    • Oh... Discovery sucks as do the rebooted movies.

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    • She said she likes "DS9" as her favorite.
      This was disconcerting.

    • Lol I would be worried too 😂
      DS9 is the one series that I had a hard time getting all the way through, I feel like the war kinda went against the spirit of Star Trek 😣
      I did really like Jadzia Dax as a character though!

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  • I've watched all of them and my favorite is probably Voyager. It just had a lot of good episodes.

    Not a big fan of Discovery though, aside from not understanding the basic timeline of the damn series it's just not in the spirit of Trek at all, DS9 was dark so being dark isn't bad but just the way they go about it is incredibly dumb. Set design is nice though.

    Also I frankly am not very ashamed of being a nerd. It's the harcore nerds (mostly women by the way) who led letter writing campaigns that got TOS a 3rd season and kept it alive in the time before reruns were a thing with fanzines and conventions, the real hardcore nerds made it into a profitable franchise instead of some one-off show from the 60s. Be proud of your fandom, all of them have such wild colorful histories and maybe they aren't always great but it's just part of it.


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  • doesn't get much better than the OG series.

  • It's never been my cup of tea.

    The only piece I've ever watched was the 2009 movie reboot the first episodes of Deep Space Nine and Voyager (both of which I can hardly remember or recollect)

    I am aware of the stigma, they make Trekkies look like the poster children of nerds in general. And I am somewhat of a fan of Shatner and Nimoy (God rest his soul).

  • I grew up on TNG, then lost interest and stopped after Voyager. I'm not "against" newer Star Trek I just haven't been captured by it in the same way.

    • I can see that, I feel like the newer stuff got really focused on action and lost some of the romanticism of exploration along the way 😣

    • Such is the tragedy of sequels right?

      "Holy shit this was a cultural phenomenon that made a ton of money!!! How do we infinitely replicate this for the next generation?"

      >replicator reference
      >"the next generation" reference

      Fuck, still a nerd either way... :(

    • Lol I just embrace it 🖖🏻

  • The original, then NG. The other ones I lost interest in.

    • Do you think that’s because your taste in media changed or because Star Trek changed somehow?

    • I think my roommate just got me watching too much Star Trek in too many flavors and I got burned out.

  • No I am not into science fiction


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