Which was your favorite? Pokemon or Digimon?

Choose wisely , both were cool and great and still great by the way
I prefer Digimon
  • Which was your favorite? Pokemon or Digimon?Pokemon
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  • Which was your favorite? Pokemon or Digimon?Digimon
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Digimon I like more, over all from what I know today people saying that Digimon is less then Pokemon over all, but I liked it more as it really felt like it moved somewhere compere to Pokemon that feel very repetitive and only main development is to find that friendship is the strongest power and nothing else
    When Digimon grow on more stuff from friendship to trust to self trust

    • Nice way to put it , i see that Digimon is a bit more for grown up kids +7

Most Helpful Guy

  • I dunno, im not a virgin

    • WOW
      this is a hell of a burn , or actually this is hell you brought as a burn :)
      Just remember , when these cartoons got out , you didn't exist.

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What Girls Said 4

  • Digimon has too many literal humans in a costume as their "animal monsters" I don't like it.

  • My fave is first season digimon. After 2nd series, it is just meh.

    • maybe !
      The first generation in general was the best

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    • Tbh, digimon season 2 only bearable because tk and kari were in it.

      The rest of them + egg digivolution quite boring to me 🙍

    • true , we only liked the first characters more

  • Pikaçu

  • Neither


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