Memorable horror films, anyone?

What are some of your favorite or memorable scenes from horror films?

I watched a lot of horror films growing up. I remembered watching the Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974) when I was a kid.
I remembered a scene where the girl was picked up by leatherface and pushed onto a big metal hook through her back, so she was hung up like a piece of meat in the butcher house. I remembered her look as she was writhing in pain and I was absolutely mortified.
I also watched hellraiser, IT (1990), nightmare on elm street, Evil dead (1981) and so on when I was really young. They were awesome.


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  • I don't know about memorable scene's per say but In the Mouth of Madness was a great movie. I guess the scene where they are driving at night and see a kid riding on his bike running from something only to pass up the same kid moments later but he is an old man (it had a lot of psychological stuff in it.) Or the Thing, if you haven't seen it I don't think I would want to ruin it but the whole recesitation scene is creepy as hell. Good movies.

    • Ohhhhhh, I watched the Thing, i liked it.

    • Same guy who did the thing did in the mouth of madness (and Cigarette Burns which is equally awesome). The best scene in the thing was when they flame thrower the body and its head comes off sproutes spider legs and eye stalks and runs off under the table. That was freaky as hell. In the mouth of madness is also fantastic. Personally I don't like to many gory horror movies, not because they are gory but because I feel a lot of the time the gore is used to cover up a rather boring story which is why I like the Thing. It was twisted and messed up but it also had an interesting story and good characters. Same with Hellraiser (second one is also good, the rest not so much). Also the first Wishmaster movie, has a similar feel to hell raiser, not quite as gory but similar in that the creature (Djinn (or genie) to be precise) is essentially all powerful but limited by rules (namely he can make anything happen as long as some one else wishs for it).

    • Another good one is ravenous but its not quite scary (about the wendigo myth) but still very good and has a bit of a twisted sense of humor as well.

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  • I watched IT and I had nightmares for three whole months 😂


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  • hollywood shmollywood. indies are far better. the greasy strangler. the most bizarre fucked up film i ever saw

  • When you first the the alien burst of the the guys chest in Alien.


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