Why are some people so bothered by off key harmonizing?

Also lots of famous songs are horrendously off key (but sound great) AND when you play them in key and properly harmonized they sound like siht.

Van Halen - ain't talk bout love (play this at a perfect 440 A and it sounds a lot of punch)
Radiohead - basically all of OK computer
RHCP - almost all of Blood Sex Sugar Magick
Nirvana - EVERYTHING. In bloom loses all its power played properly


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  • When someone sings off is when it is annoying, not when the whole song is off key.

  • Its singing off key that bothers me. It never sounds good.

  • The wobbling effect of sound when a note is played in tangent with another note a halfstep up is rather irritating, but I can't really give an opinion on rock music.

    • "wobbling effect of sound when a note is played in tangent with another note a halfstep up" - a lot of dark classical does this for mood

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