Been thinking about writing a book. Is this something you would read?

So a young lady ( haven't thought of a name yet) in her late teens/twenties puchases this ancient staff from a marketplace that's arrived into town. She purchased it just for the heck of it, because she needed something to keep her mind off of the breakup she just had. She takes it home, drinking heavily, then passes out. When she wakes up the next morning she's in an ancient monastery, and her staff is in her hand. The monastery is sealed inside and out. She she's a slot on a shrine to place the staff in, and the sealed monastery is opened. A crowd has gathered, outside to gase upon "The Prophet," who has finally arrived to free their people from the tyranny of the Dark One, the Immortal Dragon King. I know it needs a deeper plot, but just an idea. What do you think?


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  • Interesting but I would probably not read it. Sounds too YA for my taste.

  • Even if it's a shit idea, you should never share them online.


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