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I'm writing a novel and there's this main character... She’s supposed to be taken into this group of five guys that are then going to introduce her to all the other people at their school and the whole novel is going to revolve around that. I have everything planned out in my head except one thing; how they meet… and how they continue to meet and become friends. I have no clue

She works as a bartender and they’re frat boys so I felt like there could be a connection there but I just can’t come up with any reason for how they continue to meet and become good friends…. help?


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  • Hmm I'm uncertain of your plot but perhaps you are attacking this the wrong way.

    Instead of meeting them as five, how about she meet one of the five guys? Give the guy in particular, a reason why he should be interested enough to bring her into the group. This should let you develop your protagonist and connections with other major characters but you need to be very careful not to dilute the connections or you end up having a hot mess of character development and make it sounds like some teenage romance novel that sounds incredibly hard to believe.


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  • I mean frat boys always try and drink underage, seems fairly easy to me, she's the one who keeps having to deal with them when they go to her bar.


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  • I met Jane at her work. She was a bartender and I was a regular. When she wasn't busy we'd chat. Chat got friendly. Friendly got more personal. Intimacy followed.
    So one of the frat boys notices her, likes what he sees and comes in outside the rush hour and they click. Art can imitate life.

  • Sounds like the bar is the best venue for them to meet her, and a pretty good one for their repeated meetings.


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