Do you relate to this song here?

I feel like I do sometimes. lol

And @Kandy-Kane, I saw a question of yours earlier in the list of recent questions where you were pretty much asking the same thing. just different song. Don't think I'm trying to steal! :)


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  • Everyone probably relates to a certain extent... Like one time I went out to eat and I ordered a Pepsi, but the waitress wouldn't give it to me. They only had Coke. Twas a sad day


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  • Damn haven't heard this one in a while!!
    Yes I have felt that way and still do at times.
    by the way I am not crazy!

    • my mom had me hear this song a few years ago lol

    • Cool! See you're mom isn't all that bad lol overprotective yes but not all that cray cray πŸ˜‚

    • haha yeah I'm sure as hell glad she's not picky with music! me and her listen to the same good shit every day man XD

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