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Do you mainly watch YouTube, Television shows, or Movies? What's your favorite show / channel / movie?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • i like tv shows & yt but right now im all for Hunter X Hunter 😩

    • I've never heard of Hunter x Hunter, is it a survival type show?

    • noo its this anime aha ,, the 1st one i’ve ever watched & it’s just such a good show i lovee it

    • There's nothing wrong with that! Growing up I was absolutely obsessed with Dragon Ball Z :P there's almost more anime than there are of any other kind of show I'm pretty sure, I'd say if you did some looking around you could find so many more anime to fill your cravings

Most Helpful Guy

  • Youtube. I can pick exactly what I want to watch, learn some really cool things while doing it, block the ads, and get other shit done at the same time.


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