How do you find good Fantasy/ Sci Fi books that are NOT!! YA or New Adult?

No matter what I try all I can ever seem to find is YA books. Harry potter, Narnia, Wheel of time, etc...

Really not interested in reading about another coming of age story, or some lame moral debate that goes something like "if i kill the evil person does that make me evil".

Is there a name for this type of genre? Content intended for adult audiences, that isn't concerned about being PC?

This feels like a dumb question, like I'm just missing something totally obvious, but seriously if anyone has any advice I'd be very grateful.


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  • Let me check off my list here
    The Dresden files is the best in my opinion
    The Golgotha series of Weird western, starts with, The Six Gun Tarot
    The kingkiller chronicle series
    The Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn series, it inspired Game of Thrones.
    Mike Resniks Weird West Series
    The Sword Edged Blonde
    Mark Twains, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's court was fun. The humor still holds up over a century later.
    The Powder Mage Trilogy.
    On Stranger tides, it inspired the pirates movies.
    The Nightside books.
    The Eddie Drood books
    Neuromancer which created the entire cyberpunk genre
    The Wolfman by Nicolas Peakero, (don't ever expect a sequel. The author was an NPYD auxillery and was killed stopping a crazed gunman. It was published posthumously)
    Of Blood and Honey, a fantasy swt in northern Ireland during the height of the Troubles.
    The Ghosts of Belfast mostly noir but its also a damn effective ghost story. Set in northern Ireland.
    The Desert of Souls, a throwback to the Robert E. Howard, Swords and Sorcery stories set in 8th century Iraq.
    Mr. B. Gone by Clive Barker, very very meta. Its about a demon who is trapped in a book (the one you are reading) and he tells you to burn it. He bribes, threatens and tried to guilt you into doing it so he can be free. Its about how he ended up in the book you are holding. He is the protagonist but essentially the reader is the hero for not burning the book.
    Anansi Boys
    The Ocean at the end of the lane
    The Thieftaker series is about a Wizard in Boston during the lead up to the revolutionary war.
    The Lies of Locke Lamora
    The Ketty Jay books
    Arthur Conan Doyles the lost world, its about dinosaurs in south America n shit
    The Jurassic park books
    Discworld books, specifically the guards, wizards, and the death subseries. You will laugh yourself silly.
    Starship Troopers
    American Craftsmen about U. S special
    forces Wizards is really badass
    The Deathstalker books
    If you want graphic novels
    The Hellblazer series.
    The character ages real time throught the series which makes him the only dc/vertigocharacter who did the reboots not bad.
    The Fables series

    • Did you check any of them out

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    • also who is the author for The Fables series?

    • Its a comic series so it waw vertigo, it WAS a sort of sub publisher for D. C comics.
      And Yeah, I've been waiting for the kingkiller chronicle book three since high school.
      Though the author seems to have made progress on it

  • I'm going to go back in time for just good solid adventure novels. Try some of these.

    - The Horseclans series. It's a post-Apocalyptic setting.
    - Piers Anthony books like "Sos the Rope". There's a series of these books set in the same universe.
    - Arthur C Clarke
    - The Berserker series about killer robots trying to wipe out all sentient life. Fred Saberhagen?
    - The Riverworld cable TV series was terrible. The books were better.
    - "Rama" and "Rendevous with Rama". Can't remember the author.
    - I even enjoyed some of the Halo books.
    - I like the Star Wars books too.


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