What are some good songs?

gotta change up my playlists a bit. the genres i listen to are pretty diverse and i’m down to bop to pretty much anything. I mostly like pop, rap/r&b, alternative, country


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  • Pop:
    Kelly Clarkson. I'm a big fan of hers but I know she's not everybody's favorite. Her new album has some good songs. It's very sexy and lots of bass, definitely different from other stuff.
    Songs: Didn't I, Love So Soft, Medicine, Slow Dance.

    More pop:
    No Tears Left To Cry - Ariana Grande
    Hard Times - Paramore (like their new album... Tell Me How and Told You So are also good)

    Blue October. The lead singer had a long battle with addiction and depression. A lot of their earlier stuff deals with some darker subjects but they're new stuff is upbeat.
    Songs: Bleed Out, Hate Me, Heart Go Bang, Into The Ocean.

    More alternative:
    Anna Sun - Walk The Moon
    Billie Jean - EDEN
    Darkest Light - Jono McCleery
    Don't Fear The Reaper - Gus Black
    I Found - Amber Run (the acoustic version is beautiful)

    Christian Kane. He's an actor but he had a short lived singing career as well. I'm not a big country fan but I like his stuff.
    Songs: Callin' All Country Women, Fast Car (Cover), Somethings Gotta Give, Whiskey In Mind.

    More country:
    Burning House - Cam
    Giddy On Up - Laura Bell Bundy
    If We Were Vampires - Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit
    I Told You So - Keith Urban
    Parachute - Chris Stapleton
    Pray For You - Jaron And The Long Road To Love

    I don't listen to a lot of rap/r&b but I've been getting into it more.
    Mac Miller. Once again, I know he's not everybody's favorite but hometown pride. His new album is pretty good, it has a lot of collaborations (Ariana Grande, CeeLo Green, Kendrick Lamar, Ty Dolla Sign).
    Songs: Dang!, God Is Fair, Sexy Nasty, My Favorite Part, Soulmate

    More rap/r&b:
    Call Ticketron - Run The Jewels
    Child's Play - SZA
    Famous - French Montana
    Finna Hit My Walk - Yung Gordon ft DJ T Time
    La Modelo - Ozuna ft. Cardi B
    Rules - Killumantii

    My computer is bugging out so I'm gonna stop before I lose everything I just typed lol. Hope this helps!


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  • If you want rap listen to Immortal Technique.

  • Turn down for what

  • Would you like some international suggestions?


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