What song makes you emotional as soon as you hear it?


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  • Disney really knew how to make emotional songs back then with their finale songs like Snow White's "My Prince Will Come", Cinderella's "The Wedding", The Little Mermaid's "Happy Ending" and Beauty and the Beast's "Beauty and the Beast". I get the emotional chills down my neck every time I hear the sounds of the chorus singing their highest notes and the instruments played so flawlessly. It's embarrassing enough that I actually will cry a bit to these songs, even now. I wonder if anyone else experienced this as well!


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  • Traveling Song by Ryn Weaver
    It's a song about her grandfather who passed away. The music video is clips of her that he recorded over the years. It's a beautiful song and you can hear the emotion in her voice. My grandfather and I were close, he passed away on my 15th birthday so the song hits home.


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