What is your favourite Taylor Swift song?

What is your favourite Taylor Swift song?
What is your favourite Taylor Swift song?

Sag mir! My favourite would have to be Blank Space. Or I Knew You Were Trouble. Or Look What You Made Do is great... Blank Space. Yeah.
Taylor Swift is amazing, I like a lot of her music and there are too many good ones for me to make a poll. I will make a list of my favourites as suggestions:
1) Blank Space
2) I knew you were trouble
3) Look what you made me do
4) You belong with me
5) Ready for it...
6 ) Wildest Dreams
7 ) Gorgeous
8 ) Style
9) Mean
10) Bad Blood
11) We are never getting back
She made an amazing transition from country to pop and there is room for both of her sides in the music world. I am among those who hate Kanye for what he did, jumping up on stage and ruining her moment.

I am going to make a series where you guys can vote on an artist's best songs. Tell me who you want to see next.


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  • Tim McGraw, teardrops on my guitar, last kiss, Our song. <3

    • I still remember the first time I heard tear drops On my guitar. I was in the barn brushing my pony and she came on the radio and I was like oh my I need to know who this is! I then learned how to play guitar just so I can play her songs <3 This was back in 2007 and I was i think 13. Good times, I miss my pony too :/ I also miss the old taylor swift.

    • Yeah... I like both

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