What are the odds of a celebrity replying maybe even befriending me on social media?

She's not super famous, at least not here. She only follows 150 people and has 1,000 followers, which isn't that many for a celeb.
But I read about her, she's into a lot of the same kind of stuff that I'm into.
I read she your friend for life and she still hangs out with her old friends, but what about making new friends?
This is the first celebrity I actually want to reach out to.

I was thinking about just lying and telling her I need to interview an actor for a school project, and maybe she'll reply.
Should I try it or leave her alone and just enjoy from afar?
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Most Helpful Girls

  • Impossible, they get millions messages like yours

    But I think that in your case you have a chance, even if it doesn't work out then at least you won't regret yoi haven't tried

    • Her profile doesn't allow messages anyways. I'm scared to even follow her. LOL 'Cuz I only use that account for you know what?
      Where did you disappear to for the past few days? Did you get lost in the mountains?

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    • Nah, not my thing as well although I think its better alternative to porn

      I meant hentai as a noun, means pervert
      Sorry for my bad structure of my sentences

    • Oh, LOL. It's okay. :)
      Yeah, I guess for some people it's a better alternative to actual porn, but not ME. LOL

      Oh it does? I didn't know that, but seems appropriate. LOL

Most Helpful Guy

  • Very low. Be careful there are a ton of catfish out there.

    Even people with a few thousand followers can easily be a catfish.


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What Girls Said 5

  • Yes. U should definitely try. at least it'll be worth giving a shot.

  • Somewhat unlikely, but could happen by some miracle.

  • Unlikely unless theyre D list and under

    • That's what I thought

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    • Yea i sae the prophet one too. I've loved bow wow since like 1st grade so i possibly wouldve fell for it 16 and under

    • Oh yeah. I saw a Web of Lies one where a 12 year old thought she was talking to a celebrity.
      And I saw a post on IMBD some girl was convinced she talked to Harrison Ford even though you can tell from reading his replies that it clearly wasn't.
      Those people are dicks. Messing with kids like that.

  • I don’t know Jjjhjj

  • Only 1,000 followers?

    • Yeah. A little over 1,000

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    • I'm scared to even follow her
      Especially since I only have 3 followers and I only set up. an account to talk to a friend

    • There are a bunch of fake accounts of her, but this is her real one

      Nevermind 2.6 mil. I guess I was looking at her post numbers.
      But She s only following 170 people back and doesn't reply to anyone so. good luck.

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