I hate improv how can I improve it?

Sorry, but i love acting and singing (despite my social anxiety) its fun to me, and im in a few acting classes but they always play improv games and i try to avoid them as much as possible


when ever i improv i feel like im just to different and no one will get my jokes because well im tomboyish and im more of someone that isn't into trends

second - i get to angry.. in improv, like people will be like "Your acting wrong your to intense"and il be like "well in that situation that is how i would normally act" so what i do normal is weird to others

thirdly - i can't be myself basically combined first two reasons i just can't , i don't know how to be myself or who i even am anymore, when i act i get scared that people will genuinely think i think what i act and i get anxious so im scared at yelling at people in improv or saying i hate them

and finnaly
Logic and humour
With my friends, i guess i can be funny but it depends because i need to focus on what they find funny like memes, zooming up on friends faces, musicals all that crap in improv i have to impress a whole audience, or be some character, how do i be a different character if i don't even know my own personality, and i can't come up with a good problem or plot for shit because when i have problems in real life i don't rant to people about it like your supposed to do in improv and when im explaining a story to my real life friends outside of improv i literally yell it out and get into all this beef, but im super shy in public and if i did that during acting then wtf, Im also super confused with how i would end a improv scene as i don't have the best social skills in real life conversations so i can't start one in a improv scene lmao
I hate improv how can I improve it?
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