What do you think about Korean drama?


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  • Love da shit out of it, though are predictable in storytelling, i just love the characters. They act in ways many of us want to in real life buts not popular to do it.
    And there music is da best.
    I love lost flower. Man it hits home. Guy whos married to dis dipshit of a husband who is nice but dont know how to express his love to her.
    They have son, but the women is seeing a guy behind his back. So, the husband oneday hits a girls bike full of flowers and crushes them with his car. Girl getts upset and he said why are you uptight they are just flowers. So now to skip all the bullcrap, he ends up learning that flowers mean something to his wife, she feels bad for trying to cheat, and girl who taught him about marriage dies of an illness. Bro! I was in tears.


What Girls Said 1

  • Not my thing


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