Anyone watch the 100?


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  • Yes. New series looks good (though don't know how they'll explain where the prisoners came from)

    • We can talk about if you want thats why i ask lol

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    • It finished watching series 4 last week.
      Haven't seen new one yet may wait for full series to have finished then binge watch.
      Not sure what tv channel has the rights in th UK.

    • Ok i couldnt do that at least watch ep 1 or the trailer man shit i couldnt wait that long lol

  • What's that, then?

    • Man you to old i can really explain you would have to watch it yourselfits on Netflix its called the 100 and if you dont have Netflix you can watch it on the cw it comes on Tuesday at 9 lol

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    • Lol well i can't lie i dont lime explaining things to people who are knew you could look it up yourself i know your at home your on this site aren't you

    • Indeed I am, and indeed I will, thanks.

  • Yes.

    • Well we can talk about ships whatever if you want to talk about it

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