Favourite Marvel Superhero and Why?

I think it's obvious who mine is considering my username.

I loved the spiderman films and comics. Well, tbh spiderman 3 wasn't that great but not as bad as people made out. It was Okay-ish.

Lol, I'm just really hyped cos I'm going to see infinity war on Saturday, finally my parents are letting me go to the cinema to see something.

Who's your favourite superhero from marvel and why?


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  • Doctor strange, because he earned it not like others who got their powers accidentally or from their parents

    • I haven't seen Dr Strange, how does he earn his powers?

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    • Strange got in a really bad accident, he was an intelligent person and was successful surgeon but in accident he lost his hands he can't pick even a spoon with his hands so he heard someone was walking even after spin injury strange went to that guy and was told to visit Nepal (a country near India)

    • When strange went there he explores a different kind of world beyond time and dimensions and he learns everything rapidly from his maters he learned Sanskrit (i know Little too it's really hard though 😅) and he became the best student and he got the control on TIME STONE which no one do except his master

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  • Iron man because I like his cool personality <3


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