Why is everyone mad at infinity wars?

I watched the movie the other day and I'm a marvel fan so I'm even more confused why any marvel fan would be mad


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  • The no hulk thing was annoying because they never explained why he wouldn't come out, and they presented vision as being totally useless when he's supposed to be super overpowered. Those are my only complaints really

    • Hulk is to scared of thanos to fight and vision basically becomes used to not using the stone that he is rusty... also the surprise back stab kinda put him out the whole time

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    • It shouldn't be, it's not like the stone gets weaker when it isn't used. Plus I would have accepted just less useful vs completely useless.

    • No, yeah he says it for like one second in the movie but vaguely... he's still ass kicking powerful but with the knowledge from the stone and knowledge tony and Bruce gave him he's basically becoming a normal dude minus the crazy powerful stone in his head. So when they ask for him to help he's hesitant only because he enjoys not fighting although the movie yeah does not portray him well.

  • I'm only mad at the fact that the Hulk wasn't really in it. That aside, it's the best Marvel movie I've seen so far.

    • I was thinking about that after like I hope no one was expecting a lot from hulk... also you notice the scene from the commercial thanos had 3 stones but in the actual movie he had all

  • Maybe because half the heroes die? It's all good though, they'll do some time travel craziness and bring them back some how.

    • That's why I'm confused they're not actually dead and infinity wars is a two part movie

    • I don't think many people caught all the little hints that the movie gives you that they aren't going to stay dead.

    • I'm just puzzled about angry marvel fans because they should know better

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