Poker rant. is it possible to make any money at all?

I've had it with online poker. I have to get this off my chest. I don't think its possible to win and ill tell you why. If you don't practice bankroll management you will lose it all eventually. guaranteed.

if you do use management you make chump change. and that's if bad beats don't destroy you. I run bad 70% of the time I'm convinced. If I have a hand the worst card ALWAYS comes. like 70% of the time. if I play it safe and bet they fold and I look foolish, if I play it slow the worst card comes all the time.

ill have guys just bet and bet and bet with gut shot when I have two pair,. boom he hits. a million examples of that all the time.

I have to be 100% focused, good bankroll management AND not run bad. which all comes together maybe 15% of the time.

I'm convinced its not possible grinding. the success you see is the 2% of players.

am I wrong? what advice do you have please.
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  • I assume your playing cash games. What stakes are you playing? The problem is there are so many loose players who will chase anything it can be difficult to get away from all of them. Especially at small stakes, there are just to many people who fish with nothing.
    I used to play tournaments, for fun more than making money.
    On some sites you get double your money tables, I think if you put in the time, make notes on the regulars who play them and there playing styles, you can grind out some return. But only a small percentage of people online will turn much of a profit


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  • some people do but they might be crazy


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