Season 2 of 13 Reasons why comes out May 18th!! Who's gonna watch?


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  • No... Gonna copy @SodalnACardboardBox here.
    1. It's a waste of time
    2. I don't like the serie
    3. I got several national exams comming up
    4. There's a lot of better shows out there.
    5. I'm rarely on Netflix
    6. I'd rather fucking socialize (I usually hate people in public)
    7. I can cut myself on the edge of the show
    8. Got several games I haven't finished yet
    9. Waiting for other stuff this month to come out.
    10. I only watch quality stuff
    11. Depressed already
    12. It's very predictable
    13. I'd commit suicide if I was to watch that shit


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  • I'm worried, that it will be dragged. I would have been okay with a different person committing suicide and different people. Also I feel like that season 1 is a good conclusion to Hannah's life.

  • i have 13 reasons why i dont want to watch that show
    1) You only need one season to explain 13 reasons.
    2) It died years ago
    3) There are better shows on netflix
    4) I don't watch TV Often
    5) It's boring
    6) I don't care when shows come out
    7) I have school to worry about instead of some show thats going to give another 13 reasons making it 26 reasons why.
    8) I'd rather read a book which is another thing i dont like to do.
    9) I am not going to watch shows that often
    10) I'd rather tend to my garden
    11) GTA V, COD, and farcry are more interesting than that.
    12) Little to no action.
    13) Story is predictable.


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