What do you think of these songs?

and openings if u r into it :-) eh watch only if u r free i guess? first link is the shorter version and second is the full version let me know y'all <3 and also the third link is my ultimate favfavfav song lol

i repeat listen to it if u r free because i don't want people to tell me that i wasted their time if they didn't like it =.=

shorter version :


and my fav song lol


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  • Damn ! D Gray-man is one of my favourite anime of all times.
    Did they make a new season? Did the author finished her manga? (I read that she had hand arthritis once)


      DGM Hallow was out in 2016 (season 2) with 13 episodes, it's a lot different from the first season which i highly prefer, but i'm getting used to it.

      she's currently working on Vol. 26; 1 chapter every 3 months which is a blessing because she's still sick and her wrist is still injured I believe - it's so sad tbh because she's so talented and dgm has so much potential in terms of everything GAH

      nope, i believe dgm isn't gonna end very soon, it's still at it's climax.

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    • I'm Shoenron, glad to meet you.

    • glad to meet u too!

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