What do you think of the song «dear future husband» of Megan trainor?


I personally hate it. If we reverse the genders, the song will certainly be censored. It’s just a song, but she is acting like, all women were selfish, gold digger and lazy manipulative wives, the same way the media has messed up our brains with sexuality by telling us that men just think with their dicks at much that some became like that (she is also using sexuality to manipulate her man in the song). The part that I hate is «even if I was wrong, you know I’m never wrong!» this quotes is always seen like the weapon of women, while it’s not true. What about you?


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  • I mean yeah, it's a shitty song that promotes obnoxious, high maintenance behavior, and also kinda perpetuates shitty sexist stereotypes. But then again I'm not really surprised. She's definitely one of those, "women are #1, we have all the power" kinda types, so it's not like I expected anything better lol


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  • Unfortunately, it's just a reflection of the FES (female entitlement syndrome) most western women are afflicted with today, which is the root cause behind men increasingly turning their backs on marriage.


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