Is it bad that I take tons of selfies?

So before we jump to the narcissism notion, I’ll clear up who I am as a person

I’m not a narcissist, if I was I’d be pretty ashamed of myself 😅

-I for some reason feel bad when people do nice stuff for me. Including my boyfriend and sometimes my parents
-I always ask people questions about themselves.
-I’ve had a self centered friend before and I don’t like it. I’d feel ashamed if I was
-I don’t brag about any qualities unless it’s for a job. I’m confident but I usually mention my bad qualities to be honest. Not intentionally I just naturally do it
- people often tell me I’m nice and a little guillable

these are just things I’ve token note of from myself or people have said about me.
But I love to take selfies 😅specifically when I have make up and I feel good about myself. I take a lot though and it makes me feel self centered. So just curious if that’s bad


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  • I don't think, that's a big deal.

    If it makes you happy, why should it be bad?


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  • Nah you can be confident and enjoy pictures of yourself without automatically being narcissistic. I take selfies when I'm somewhere cool or doing something with friends.

    What you're doing is harmless. Let the dickheads who forget that old portraiture of royalty was the old timey version of a selfie (but less honest because they had the painters paint them as if they were 20 no matter what age they actually were) huff and puff. Just enjoy your life.


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  • No it’s fine. I do the same


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