Choice of music?

I've listen to a lot of music from all over the world.
but my personal favs are of course English songs and then KPOP<3
also, Spanish. french. Indonesian and bollywood.

whats the best you've heard. Any recommendations?


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  • I like to hear trances especially of Combichrist, the ones in the game DMC: Devil May Cry. Besides those, I also like to hear romantic songs, not all, but the ones having a good rhythm and the ones which you don't get to hear everyday. My favorites are bollywood and English.

    • Lol i used to listen that song too

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    • i like banjara :D

    • And zaroorat? by the way, can I ask you a question?

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  • Did I read kpop...
    KPOP !!!

    Where've you been my friend

    And well our hair are about to turn grey waiting for Blackpink to have a comeback

    • Blackpink? i thought it died :/

      lol. YES kpop. :D damn gurl we gotta talk ;)

    • What's your username hahaha , well I'm in a multifandom hahaha

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  • DnB (Drum and Bass) usually most electric songs that are upbeat and happy.
    Try: Caffine Rush- Jacob Tilberg
    Break the Silence- Richard Caddock
    And if you feel like crying go watch Shelter- Porter Robinson's music video

    • DAMN BUD. I've never heard these, but i just did.
      and they're really really GOOD.

    • DnB is essentially our lighter version from the electric genre. Lot of upbeat and good stuff but not as crazy as Happy Hardcore

    • thanks :)

  • I like US-UK

    • ah. any recommendations?

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    • Ok see you later

    • Good night

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