I ran out of time on my free trial, any critique on the product I came out with?

I had about 12 days left on my free trial for an animation software I was using. Any opinions on how I could make it better (when I get the money) would be highly appreciated.


In case the last link didn't work.


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  • Tbh I am not feeling it. I like the one with the music in the background and the one you made your ex because they illicit some emotional response. I’m not sure how to describe it. Since I know nothing about animation I can't critic it on a professional level or offer advice.

    • That's totally understandable. I did this mostly for fun, once I get the money I plan to finish the Freeza one.

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  • Thank you for inviting me dear Sketch Forger.
    As matter of fact, I guess there are few scenes where the characters are laughing out loud (what I have seen with my eyes) but don't really sense it as for my ears did not hear it well! I guess you could improve the audio in those sections, also the synchronization Audio/Video.
    The last few seconds of the animation seem to me as if you just wanted to be done and threw bunch of things together for an ending.
    Try to improve the ending ;-)
    That is my own honest opinion, but am not really an expert in animation, just in software engineering, server side scripting!


    • Yeah I only released it because I am now unmotivated to work on it/ I ran out of my free trial.

    • I think if you work on it a bit more you will have something interesting.
      The message seems to be interesting.
      You just need something to catch viewers eyes ;-)
      Good luck my friend, looking forward for the next release :-D

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  • Sorry hon... I have trouble reading videos... like I can watch a TV show, but what you're asking me to do is a literal headache... I'm not the best person to ask.

  • I love it


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  • Things ur animations could improve on.
    1. Giving them ears
    2. When they talk only lips move. U could give them a good posture where arm gestures are also used.
    3. The art could be improved. Like better face shapes instead of round ones.
    4. More fps = better motion
    5. Their head is mostly static.
    6. Side effects like air strokes while body or hands move.
    7. The expression could be improved. The dude should look more pissed when yelling. Ever seen frieza angry?

    I dont know more than that but hope these tips give u an idea

  • Good job, Sketch Forger. This is on par with one of my favorite internet comics, Cyanide & Happiness. With a little bit of polishing it can rival some of what Cartoon Network has to offer.

  • It is just stunning.

  • Utter shit.

    • Honestly is golden

    • I can see a lot to improve. Don't take it to heart though. I mean it's utter shut but it wouldn't be at the bottom of the pile.
      Keep up the improvement and you'll have something.

    • Yeah I mostly did this with little motivation and only 12 days to work on it, so the rest of my stuff will be silent or without sync

  • It's perfect

  • You could always 'buy' it...


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