Is it just me or does anyone also think performing DJ and Mixing as a performance art is just silly?

For example when Avicii stands on stage in front of this big machine, just waiving his hands around without singing at all, and then playing some pre-recorded song that someone else sang... I think it's just silly. Like this entire genre is silly... anyone else feel the same way?

Yet I see that it's quite popular and his performances are packed with audience.. just wondering what I am missing. lol


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  • I think it's strange as a live entertainment if there aren't any dancers or actual performance to it. However I do like the genre, but I'd never pay to go to a concert when I can hear the same or better quality on Spotify. I don't usually like the idea of being packed into a place with a bunch of other people, but I'm going to a nightclub soon to really see for myself

    • Exactly... they can take pre-existing music that someone else created, and then alter them and piece them together to make them sound cool... that's great.

      But then you can do the exact same thing on an electronic keyboard with pre-written music... so why go through all this trouble of getting this huge equipment, and then standing in front of it to mix it live. anyways I just don't get the "art" of it.

    • I do respect the skill though. But instead of a DJ like we're talking about, I have much greater respect for Loopstation artists. Have you ever seen a beatboxer use a Loopstation? Check it out on YouTube, with headphones :)

  • If it's that simple then why don't you do it?

    • I didn't say it was simple, I'm sure he has to have intimate knowledge of the equipment to be able to operate them with his eyes closed. I'm just saying I think this genre is silly.

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