What would you consider bad writing?

This is what I consider to be bad writing. It exists solely to stroke the author's ego. I attempted to recreate the spirit of these pieces the best I could. I have no idea if it makes any actual sense, but you get the idea. If I ever run across passages like this, I will throw the book in the fire.

"How can we label people as "blind," when we all are, in fact, as sightless as our fellow "blind" men. Is blindness itself not a fallacy. How can one be blind or "unaware" to that which one cannot bear witness to firsthand. Only after receiving the gift of vision can one be cursed with blindness. Elsewise, it's not a curse but merely a state. A poor merchant grows to resent his lot if himself has been blessed with luxuries he has no longer. Likewise, if he has been forever poor, he may not be so resentful of what he doesn't have and, if he is bestowed with gifts the rich man knows not of, may be entirely content with his meager existence. A blind man is blind, yes, but is he not unlike the long- impoverished merchant. His abilities to hear and sense must be honed if ever he is to complete his transformation into a man. A man can be blind in soul surrounded by no others, but a man cannot be "blind" unless surrounded by those who may see. In short, the other perspective must also present itself for a lack of perspective to exist for another. The blind man is blind, but not in the way commonly recognized by the larger populus. He is blind the way all men are. Blind to reason and purpose."

The over the top, convoluted "philosophy" stuffed with all sorts of nonsense. anything that contains the aside , yes, is likely insufferably smug. By the way, I don't think my example piece is good writing. I tried to copy the faux-intellectual Youtube comments. I think it's a fair example of bad writing.

Type your own passage that represents your idea of "bad writing." (unnecessary quotation marks are another pet peeve of mine.)


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What Girls Said 1

  • Have you ever seen Guy In Your MFA on Twitter? That's most of it.

    Also just like, too much description when it makes no sense to include it. There's other stuff that I could point out if I read it but I've never known how to explain what it was.


What Guys Said 1

  • I think bad writing is anything that fails to accomplish what it set out to. Otherwise it's largely subjective.

    • I'd say intent matters. If the intent was to inform, entertain, or inspire, great. If the intent was to boost the author's ego, not so much.

    • If the intent was to boost the author's ego, and it accomplishes that, then I think that's fine. I think there's nothing wrong with creating art for yourself

    • I mean creating it solely so other people recognize the author's intellectual ability. It serves no purpose for the reader and, overall, the author doesn't benefit in any way. At the end of the day, they are still insecure.

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