Should I pick Medical Assisting or Massage Therapy?

I don't plan to make either one of these a lifetime career. Just something that I'll be doing while I'm going to school for something else.

I went to Massage Therapy school in September but had to quit going because the school was too far away. So in January I enrolled in Dental Assisting at a school that's closer. But I realized I didn't like it so last week I transferred to a different campus for Massage Therapy. But now I'm thinking that maybe I'll just settle and do Medical Assisting since the school for that program is closer. All while I was in Dental school I was thinking about Massage Therapy. And I even tried to go to another school part time for Massage. While doing Dental but it was too much.


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  • Medical will always get you a job. Massage will let you a promising career in the serving coffee to medical professionals field.

    • I don't want to do either one of these for a lifetime career. Medical Assistants don't get paid much money either. Massage Therapists get paid more per hour.

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