Are people who like Reggae deplorable?

I enjoy the one drop/reggae genre

Themes in this sort of music are super militant, homophobic, transphobic, anti- church of rome, oral sex and skewed gender roles.

Some startling lyrics I can quote are:

"What did you say? you don't love Hallie Sellassie? Fires going to burn you and your family" - Garnett Silk

"World is in trouble anytime Buju Banton come, battybwoy (gays) get up and run, and gunshot the head back (shoot the backs of gays heads) - Buju Banton

"Never send them go mix up with Ru Paul, never send them go work for John Pope Paul, never send them go med with Frankie Paul, Rasclatt take them inna the judgement ball" - Capleton

Translation: Don't encourage the youths to partake in the homosexual lifestyle that Ru Paul leads. Don't let the children join the church of Rome and John Pope Paul. Don't let them hang with Frankie Paul (Capleton is accusing another Reggae artist of being gay i. e Frankie Paul) . Judgement from God will take them all to hell.

Do you enjoy music that others would find deplorable? or anything that would be seen as normal in your home culture but you'd be cast out of society if you did it in America or BritainAre people who like Reggae deplorable?
Are people who like Reggae deplorable?
Are people who like Reggae deplorable?


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  • No way, what kind of question is this? Reggae is a form of musical expression. If it doesn't suit you, that's fine, but no need to stereotype people who prefer this genre of music.


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  • I like raggae music but I'm a white guy with no homophobia.
    I think you where listening to the wrong raggae.

    • These are actually the biggest names in Reggae. They're not unknown at all. You might be listening to the clean Reggae for Euro's

    • Yeah I listen to very specific raggae :).

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  • I listen to Reggae, and never heard of any of these songs or people. Anywho, No!!! Never judge someone based on their musical preference. This is like saying all fans of Rap are Gsngbangers... Or all Dead Heads are Potheads/Stoners. But you may want to find a new Reggae Station.


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