Am I lazy or just don’t want to?

So I’m a dancer and have been for a majority of my life. I’m at a point where I’m interested in other things but won’t stop dancing cause I still love it.
At times I feel lazy or unmotivated to do certain things that’s could help me get better but I don't know if it’s because I overall just don’t like it as much. I know for a fact if I did the things I had in mind I would be a succcssful dancer but I’m not, at least to my standards.
for example: I’ll be on my phone instead of stretching or exercising
p. s. I used to do those things but now I don’t want my life to be so consumed by it, lol dancing used to literally be my life


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  • It happeneds, you will get it back. Same is for me and my passion is programming and urgh sometimes I'm getting sick of it. No motivation at all other days I can code for hours nonstop.

    • I feel like I’m doing the same thing so I get bored it’s not new to me and i feel ugggh about it cause it used. To be my life and even though I made it my life I didn’t get anywhere really cause I didn’t take steps to get anywhere

    • So I still love it but I want to try new things, I feel like the effor I put into new things will trickle down

    • Then do something else for a while. I've been trying out house building, electrical wiring and plumbing. I know the basics but that's enough :)

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  • Your lazy. So many people with real talent throw opportunities away because they aren't willing to put in the work.


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  • Sounds like a combination of boredom and being addicted to your smartphone

    • I’m not addicted to phone lol

    • Just my humble advice, change things up, go in competition. Most of all be around people your own age

  • Bored enter a competition.


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