Which horror stories/movied based on said stories scare you the most?

So when it comes to the scariest urban legends and horror movies I get the worst scare from the Asian style ghost movies.
For some reason they scare me most to the point even seeing pictures can give me an uneasy feeling and chills me to the bone no matter how old I get.

Some examples of said movies would be "The Grudge" and "The Ring" movies as the Americanized versions are horrible enough but I can manage to watch them (NOT ALONE) but when I looked up the legitimate Japanese versions I couldn't even watch the trailers.
The ghosts in said movies would be considered Yūrei which when I studied into them gave me chills.

So long story short my opinion goes towards the Japanese folklore based stories

Bonus note : for some reason I've been playing WWE 2k18 and creating horror based gimmicks for wrestlers male and female and currently working on a female wrestler based on Kuchisake On'na next I'mma work on possibly Samara Morgan from the Americanized Ring movie series.


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  • I don't know why but the blue/red paper one. Just gives me the creeps thinking about it.

    • Aka/Aoi Monto or Red/Blue cape story. Yea reading about is chilling

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    • Yea some horror movies like Texas chainsaw massacre are loosely based on real killers
      Ed Gein being the insperation for Texas Chainsaw Massacre. That man was very... Strange to say the least.

      Sometimes the scariest things can be because they are to realistic.

    • Agreed. Some of the things people are capable of are horrifying.

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  • Sinister scared the crap out of me back when it came out in theaters. Love horror and never rewatched that one it was too scary for me haha.


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  • None of them scares me

    • So the isn't any folklore or horror movies that give you chills?
      To a certain extent most horror stories/movies don't scare me but some of them grab my anxiety and paranoia and just go wild with them.

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  • Poltergeist

  • I don’t get scared of movies or horror stories.


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