Can you try to make me happy?

I am feeling down. Could really use a good laugh right about now.


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  • Okay um, well I'll tell you some things I did this week:

    Asked if roast potatoes exist

    Dabbed in front of my teacher when she said I had to dab the excess paint off

    When my teacher thanked me for the assignment I gave in I sang the moana song "What can I say except your welcome!"

    Secretly poured a LOT of black spiced rum into some Rubicon when I needed a pick me up during college hours XD

    Reached level 5000 on tap titans and contemplated how sad of a person I am

    Am currently on 16.54Trillion Cookies on cookie clicker KMN

    Spraying squirty cream in mouth while claiming to be healthy in front of my mother as I proceed with cream in my mouth and go into sitting room with ben and jerrys ice cream XD

    While cleaning out rabbit enclosures, I was surrounde by rabbits that were deciding that it was a good time to be humping one another

    I heard two tortoises humping, it is so disturbing but funny at the same time, it sounds kinda like "ha-ha-ha---Haaaahh--Hoah-Ohra--gah" You just read that in the way it was written didn't you? XD


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  • This worked a while back. I hope it helps you even a little bit.

    • @Julia420: Yeah, I hoped that made you smile a bit. Thank you for the MHO selection. :)

  • Bubbles. Bubbles make everything better!

    • I think I know who this is 🙈🙈

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    • Haha lol... well apparently your not the only -9 year old on gag that enjoys popping bubbles

    • Lol, apparently XD

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  • I don't know if you will think this is funny but my kids usually think the other one has drank from their carton so this is what they did

  • Wait let me find that screenshot...

  • I like ur name

  • You farted


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